Reunion Ideas

Please take a few moments to tell us your thoughts on Class of '82 Event options. Use the comments box at the bottom to provide more details. If you want to choose an answer we didn't think of, please just note the question number and put your answer in the Comment box at the end.


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1)   Would you be interested in attending a class reunion?

  Depends on when and where
2)   What time of year do you prefer for reunion events?

  Spring - I love to travel when winter's grip eases
  Summer - the kids are out of school / we travel back to CT then
  Autumn - I love fall in New England / I come back for Thanksgiving
  Winter - I come back to CT to visit family for the winter holidays
  I don't really care - I'm still in the area
3)   What types of reunion events would you be interested in attending? Choose all that apply.

  A day at the beach or park
  Adults-only cocktail hour / evening out
  Daytime picnic, family-friendly
  Formal dinner-dance, just me and my classmates
  Formal dinner-dance, classmates & partners
  Informal dinner, just classmates
  Informal dinner, classmates & partners
  Informal dinner, family-friendly
  Potluck / Bring-A-Dish
  I have an idea! (add comment below)

Some choices will depend on time of year
4)   Do you have any suggestions for reunion events?

5)   Would you be interested in any of the following options?

  Event(s) on one day only
  Event(s) over a weekend
  Events over a holiday break
6)   Are you interested in helping with event planning?

  Sure! What do you need me to do?
  Let me tell you about the skills I can offer you...
  I'd like to, but I'm kind of far there something for me?
  I'd like to, but my schedule just won't allow it.
  No, thanks!